A HERO IN A HALFLING, EPIK FANTASY, Book One, by, William Tyler Davis, Self-Published



Not all halflings dream of magic…

But Epik isn’t like the rest. Adventure. Excitement. He craves those things. He would rather learn magic, not follow a wizard on some fool’s adventure…. Or so he thinks.

The problem: magic is outlawed. After setting out for the city, what Epik finds in Dune All-En isn’t at all what he’d hoped. No magic. And few wizards.

Luck, or something more sinister, is on the halfling’s side. He meets Gabby, a wizard who is kind enough to rent him a room, or rather, a closet, at his now-defunct magical supply store. And as a group of mountain trolls threatens the city, Epik sees the opportunity to do something, well, epic.

If only the halfling inside him would stop peeking out.

Featuring halflings, dwarves, elves, and a ranger or two, Hero in a Halfling is perfect for fans of both Discworld and Middle-earth. Join Epik as he goes from halfling to hero, who just also happens to (still) be a halfling.

Epik Fantasy Series
Hero in a Halfling
Knowing is Halfling the Battle (December 2017)
Epik Fantasy Book 3 (Early 2018)


e-book format

So here I am again, with an ebook Fantasy read.

<sighs> Fantasy books that don’t pick up until half-way… why is that?

When it did kick off, it was fantastic! Loved everything about it, the characters, the humor, the silly antics and fast pace of the adventure. The MC starts off ‘gray’ and grows slowly throughout the journey into a “red.” There’s nothing remarkable about him. As what I’d call a more “plot” driven story, this book did really well.

Sure, sure, there’s borrowed “feels” toward Tolkien and Pratchett’s style of writing, two large icons to live up to.  I just found it fun and easy to read, almost like watching a video game unfold. I even, yup I’m going to say this… I even felt a teeny tiny bit of a Stephen R. Donaldson’s “Chronicles of a Thomas Covenant” vibe. OMG! LOL  This is like the old style fantasy reads that I fell in love with as a child and couldn’t get enough of.

I know I’ll be following this author for a long time.

I gave this book:


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