SOOT ANGEL, by M.A. PETERSON, Self-Published



When an abandoned warehouse burns down, forensic engineer and arson investigator Dr. Anja Toussaint searches for the fire’s cause. Tragically, a homeless child within has succumbed from carbon monoxide intoxication. Suspecting arson, Anja sets out to find whoever is responsible.

Her first step is following the trail of the homeless child’s family into the dangerous, drug-infested tenements. Since she also believes that the warehouse owner may be involved, Anja must break through the corporate secrecy of the city’s richest and most private law firm.

Unfortunately, her investigation unravels a deadly terrorist conspiracy that brings into play ruthless enemies from a totally unexpected quarter – leading Anja onto the high seas aboard a cargo vessel where her only hope of survival is to set the ship on fire.


e-book format

I’m afraid I’m a bit slow when it comes to reading electronically formatted books… My eyes, my eyes, my tired and aching eyes… lol. As a writer/author, I’m on the computer researching and writing often and in a day, up to twelve hours sometimes, so my eyes get very tired.

That’s why I’ve greatly reduced the number of ebooks that I’m willing to review.

This book should not be read until the first one is read.  The first, a much shorter book in comparison to this one was enticing and enjoyable.  I blew through it easily and quickly invested in the characters and story-line right up to the end.

My biggest concern was that the second book wouldn’t live up to the first in every way.

I was greatly surprised that it not only did live up to the first, it surpassed it entirely.  Well done!

My husband is a retired volunteer firefighter of 14 years, so reading all the information about fires, fire fighting and such was enjoyable due mainly to its accuracy from extensive research.  However, there were plot moments that the pace of the main story was interrupted by re-direction through inconsequential subplot insertions.

The author successfully immerses the reader into this fictional world with accurate world building and creative character arcs.  There’s political intrigue, government cover-ups and corruption included.  The character has a lot of baggage that you’re drawn into.

I felt the MC was fully fleshed out and realistic full of flaws and issues, and the crimes believable and headline worthy.  I loved how the author handled info dumps regarding the collection of evidence and fire investigation procedures.

Overall, this was an interesting read that I couldn’t put down.

I gave this book:

five star rating


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