MY LIFE IN SMILEY, IT’S ALL GOOD, by Anne Kalicky, Andrews McMeel Publishing


Follow the middle school misadventures of Max, as recorded in his hilarious Diary of a Wimpy Kid–style journal that is unconventionally illustrated with the internationally recognized emoticons of the SmileyWorld brand.

Age Level: 8-12 Grade Level: 3rd and up

Warning: Do not read before 2126! My Life in Smiley: It’s All Good is meant strictly for people of the future, chronicling the life and times of Max, an average eleven-year-old. Annoying siblings, stage fright, love at first sight—can you believe what kids in the 21st century had to deal with? Follow his illustrated diary as has embarks on a great journey—the first year of middle school in France. Max’s journal entries, humorous drawings, and colorful smileys recount his adventures in making new friends, dealing with bullies, and surviving a ruthless P.E. teacher. Along the way, Max starts to figure out how to interact with his peers, and he realizes that at the end of the day, no matter what life throws at him, it’s all good!

Out April 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Have you all noticed how grim and depressing a lot of books are lately that are geared toward pre-teens, teens and young adults.  There’s always some cringe factor involved…

This book does not have these elements! It’s a coming of age about a boy in France written in diary form.  Humor? Eh! Not so much but it does set the groundwork for any future writings.  I love this kid–he’s normal, which is so rare today as kids seem so complicated by society to fit in, be anti-parental, rebel, chill and not care… It was honestly great to read about a normal, boring life this kid had, even in a place like France.

The way the book was put together, in diary format, was enticing and cute and I can see its attraction to kids around the ages of eight to twelve. Not complicated, yet fun!

This would be a great read for parent/child too. It’s a fast read, with relatable topics, factors common in similarly formatted books.  This book would appeal to boys, but also girls, and do so without stress-filled pages.

The world is full of stress and worry and this book is a great escape.  The use of emoji’s compliments the story-lines, adding humor and driving the plot forward.  The MC is a typical kid with all the quirks and hang-ups that goes along with being eleven, attending school and being a ‘nerd.’ I was attracted to the premise of the book and since I love emoji’s, it’s a win win for me!

I would recommend this book to anyone!

I gave it:



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