THE RIFT, by Nina Allan, Titan Books


Selena and Julie are sisters. As children they were close, but as they grow older, a rift develops between them. There are greater rifts, however. Julie goes missing aged seventeen. It will be twenty years before Selena sees her again. When Julie reappears, she tells Selena an incredible story about how she has spent time on another planet. Does Selena dismiss her sister as a the victim of delusions, or believe her, and risk her own sanity?


I was sent this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Well… this book is NOT really a hard-core Sci Fi. It has a reference to a science fiction puzzle piece, but I would classify it more as a family drama with Sci Fi overtures.  Anyone who claims they’ve been living on another planet doesn’t necessary mean the whole story is a science fiction. There are also other genres mixed in to the story as well.

This story is about truth and lies, family dynamics and hidden agendas. Sibling interactions are brought to the forefront with one not believing the other, followed by resentment and anger. There’s elements of loss, love, and mental health.  This book is not anything that I thought it would be.

I was hooked on the premise but sadly misled.  I found I needed to read and re-read paragraphs and had a hard time staying interested. I admit, that my dislike for this book could very well stem from it not being something I’d read if I’d known what the story was really about.  Regardless, I can see literary fiction lovers enjoying this book, despite some of the weird elements.

I have to give this book:


Based on my own experience, however, I plan on re-reading this book later to see if I see it the same now that I know what the premise really is about.


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