The Weird Menace Adventures of O’Ryan and His Ostrich, By James Hold



Everyone knows the joke about the man who asked a genie for a tall beautiful chick with long legs and large eyes…and the genie gave him an ostrich. But then what happened? Here are eight tales about O’Ryan, the man with the ostrich, and his quest to track down the genie and have him turn her into a human being. Along the way they encounter ghost, spirits, mad scientists, scheming murderers, thieves, artists, and poets. Weird menace with a touch of humor. Read along and learn about a steadfast and true love that stands up to all challenges. Read the weird menace adventures of O’Ryan and his ostrich.



I love stories like these! Quirky, well-conceived, nicely written, hilarious, and smoothly plotted. I found myself smiling endlessly at the author’s idea. What makes this particular writing stand out above the others I’ve read, is it’s originality, character development and ability to hold the reader through a bunch of harrowing adventures that really shouldn’t involve an ostrich but does.

I found O’Ryan’s character eccentric, odd and funny,  and the ostrich heart-warming considering she’s just a chick with long legs! The trouble these two get in to while searching for an ever elusive genie is astounding yet very entertaining! The shocking part about this story is the hardly noticed character arc of Julie (I’ll let you buy and read this story to find out who she is) until it hits you between the eyes!  Such charming and fun-loving characters.

I found myself wanting to read on, despite the ebook format (not my favorite–bad eyes), and wanting to know what, crazily conceived antic they were going to land themselves into next! A fantastic read, buy the book and get ready for a whirlwind adventure of a man and his ostrich!

I give this book:


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