PROCRASTINATION, Stop Procrastinating and Laziness With The Habit of Discipline, by Jonathan Green



Do you want to get a step ahead, and not just spend your life stuck behind? Do you want to conquer procrastination – forever?

Are you struggling to get your projects done on time? Or are you tired of being the ‘one big move’ from changing your life?

Writers, entrepreneurs and business owners – you need to read PROCRASTINATION – as soon as possible! In this book, you’ll learn how to use the power of habit to unlock unstoppable motivation, and banish the desire to “just work on this later” FOREVER.
You cannot underestimate the power of motivation.

Learn how to diagnose the different causes of procrastination and excise them from your life today.  You can discover that you have more time now than you ever thought possible and finally enjoy the breathing room and sense of satisfaction that comes from finishing your tasks ahead of schedule.

Packed with wisdom you can put to use right away, you’ll learn how to become the worker you always knew you were.


A self-published book with interesting suggestions, strategies and plans to fight procrastination.

A few grammar issues but other than that, a truly interesting take on how to stop procrastinating with daily work, projects and personal goals. I found it a quick read with a nicely laid out plan of attack against putting off today what can be done tomorrow procrastinators.

If you struggle daily with being unable to finish projects you’ve started, or, are known to put aside those jobs that are more involved and time-consuming for lessor important things to do; and, if this is a constant mode for your work ethics… then this book may give you some helpful insights on how to avoid these traps and learn to be more productive in both work and personal lifestyles.

Although informative, I found some of the information repetitive to others I’ve read. It would be nice to get a more in-depth insight to some areas described, and perhaps, have those insights applied to the author’s personal transgressions that showed more positive results by using the techniques described in the book. I acknowledge that the author does do this somewhat, but people struggling may want to see more they can relate to. Overall, it’s a good read for struggling procrastinators.

I give this read:


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