NANA SAYS I WILL BE FAMOUS ONE DAY, By Ann Stott, Illustrated by Andrew Joyner, Candlewick Press

School event? Ball game? Nana is there. But who will cheer on Nana after she takes a tumble? A sweet and spirited intergenerational story.

Nana cheers the loudest at her grandson’s basketball game. She dances in the aisles at the spring concert. She yells at the umpire that he needs to get his eyes checked when he doesn’t call the strikes her grandson pitches. But when this go-go-go grandmother takes a tumble trying to get a front-row seat at the basketball game, it’s her grandson who roots her on in her recovery. Author Ann Stott celebrates our families’ biggest fans in a lively first-person narrative from the grandchild’s point of view. Andrew Joyner’s illustrations are as energetic and upbeat as Nana, who sparks much comic action, purse by her side. Filled with humor and heart, this tale will have readers — especially grandparents and their grandchildren — whistling and woo-hoo-ing! 

Out August 2020

32 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a sweet book. I love the story about the relationship between a young lad and his grandmother. It reminded me so much of my daughter’s relationship with her Nana. There is no replacing a Nana’s love and support and this book captures that feeling perfectly. A lovely large lap hardback book that can easily fit to allow little hands to turn pages while sitting with Nana. It’s full of fun and chuckles and sure to bring a smile. The artwork stars poodle characters and is great showing a comical representation of human-like characters whose antics many will relate to.

Love the bright colors and entire concept. A great book to share.

I gave it:

Five golden rating star vector illustration in white background.

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