ALBA AND THE OCEAN CLEANUP, by Lara Hawthorne, Big Picture Press/Candlewick Press

Alba the fish has spent her entire life collecting precious objects that drift down to the ocean floor. From delicate shells to brightly colored coral, each year on her birthday she gathers one more precious item. But over the years, Alba notices her collection is losing its sparkle and that the world is changing. There is trash everywhere! When, on her birthday hunt, something unthinkable happens, it seems like the plastic may have changed her ocean home forever. Is it too late?

Alba and the Ocean Cleanup
 is a beautifully illustrated picture book about what we can do to save this important ecosystem.

Out March 2020

32 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

There needs to be more books like this one that targets the younger population. The cover is just so beautiful, colorful and brilliant. The concept of this book is fantastic and perfectly laid out to bring a very important issue to bear for young minds and hearts.

Large, lap-size, perfect for flipping pages. Short but distinct sentences that have so much purpose and drive. The story itself is endearing. I know little eyes will follow along anxiously waiting to see what will happen to Alba.

At the back is a few pages showing other creatures of the sea and includes a little write-up for each. This book is great for the older age range readers of picture books and could easily be included for the chapter book, easy reader, early reader group too. Lots to absorb and enjoy. Artwork compliments the story, helps to push the story along and adds a bold colorful background to keep readers engaged.

I gave this treasure:

Five golden rating star vector illustration in white background.

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