CREATURE FEATURES, illustrated by Natasha Durley, Big Picture Press/Candlewick Press

Big, Bold, Board Book

Vibrantly illustrated by new talent Natasha Durley, this is an animal book with a difference. Each page is bursting with unusual creatures united by a common characteristic. From enormous ears to humongous horns, from elephants to earwigs, this eclectic collection celebrates the diversity and the commonality of the animal kingdom. And with something to look for on every page, it’s guaranteed to fascinate young animal lovers. 

Out 2018

24 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

So much on each page to take in. Lots of vibrant colors and extraordinary creatures to learn about. Great for parent/child reading time. Although a board book, this book could be used by special needs kids as well as an older group of young readers. Perfect for engagement and interest. I loved this book and think others will too. Recommended for school libraries for younger children who are just beginning to learn about the animal kingdom and the similarities many animals have to each other.

This book supports diversity, celebrating differences and common aspects of different species. My grandfather said we could learn a whole lot from the animal kingdom, and how true it that?

I gave this informative and educational book:

Five star rating – shiny golden stars

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