CREATURE CAMPERS, EPIC! ORIGINALS, THE WALL OF DOOM, by Joe McGee, Bea Tormo, Andrews McMeel Publishing

Fun, Adventurous, Great Characters!

In Book 3, the Creature Campers will have to work together to conquer their biggest challenge yet: the Camp Moonlight obstacle course . . . of DOOM!

Norm, Oliver, Hazel, and Wisp will have to cross the monkey bars without landing in the ooey, gooey mud, crawl on their bellies through a tire tunnel, and climb a towering challenge known as The Wall—all while blindfolded! As the campers take turns leading, they learn that sometimes it’s good to be small, and sometimes it’s good to be tall, but it’s always good to face a challenge with friends who cheer you on with every step, hop, stride, or wing flutter. And a little unexpected help when you need it most never hurts, either!

Out September 2020

96 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I’ve been reading and reviewing several series belonging to Epic! Originals. Creature Campers is one of those series. I find these books excellent for reluctant readers, and/or those in the early reader category. These thin chapter books are illustrated with fun artwork, easy language and colourful characters, one being a large bigfoot.

The adventures are enthralling, engaging and fun to read about. The series basically introduces a problem, shows the characters struggles with the problem (struggles that readers may share regarding their own fears), and easy solutions that end with a positive note.

The stories are encouraging, reflective and relative. The only thing I worry about is that eventually, the message contained in them could become a bit redundant or repetitive. Otherwise, I love them and think they would benefit any school library, or young reader bookshelf.

I gave this book:

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