SONG OF THE COURT, by Katy Farina, Colors by Ashanti Fortson, Sterling Children’s Books


A charming fairy tale—told in graphic novel style—about two unlikely friends who encourage each other to pursue their dreams.
“Katy’s work is so expressive and fun! The way she seamlessly blends high drama, big laughs, and tender family moments blows me away . . .” Gale Galligan, New York Times bestselling author of The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels

In order to buy seeds for her beautiful garden, Arietta plans to sell her treasured family violin. Then music-loving Princess Cassia spots Arietta with the instrument and excitedly asks her to perform at her upcoming birthday party. What the Princess doesn’t realize is, Arietta can’t play! Too ashamed to tell Cassia the truth, Arietta sets out to learn a special song for the occasion. But as Arietta’s musical passion blossoms, her devotion to her garden fades . . . and her trees and flowers begin to die. Will she be able to master the tune in time for Cassia’s celebration—and save the garden, too? 

Out October 2020

128 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I love this graphic novel. It’s charming, colorful, and has a beautiful story. Chapter book readers would enjoy this book. There’s animal characters that deliver very important messages to readers.

The story is about friendships, prioritizing life, dealing with fear and anxiety and more. I love the layout, the concept and the whole package. Very well done.

It brought back a memory of a conversation I had as a younger woman with my parents who told me that writing and illustrating doesn’t pay the bills. I remember all the doubts I had when they told me that dancing won’t pay the bills either. Yet, I danced, taught dance, choreographed dance, opened a dance studio and ran it for over 25 years. As for writing, despite the doubts, I opened my own business based on publishing, editing and writing books. I’ve been doing this business for almost seven years now.

There will always be doubts, fears and anxieties over trying new and challenging things but like the characters in the book, believe in yourself and stay true to what you love… you’re bound to succeed!

I gave this book:

Five star rating – shiny golden stars

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