DARWIN’S RIVAL: ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE AND THE SEARCH FOR EVOLUTION, by Christiane Dorion, Illustrated by Harry Tennant, Candlewick Studio

Stunning Embossed Cover, Illustrations, and Information!

A beautifully illustrated volume follows a lesser-known Victorian naturalist and explorer on his global journeys — and reveals how he developed his own theory of evolution.

Everyone knows Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist who proposed a theory of evolution. But not everyone knows the story of Alfred Russel Wallace, Darwin’s friend and rival who simultaneously discovered the process of natural selection. This sumptuously illustrated book tells Wallace’s story, from his humble beginnings to his adventures in the Amazon rain forest and Malay Archipelago, and demonstrates the great contribution he made to one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time.

Out March 2020

64 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I have to say, the cover on this book is just gorgeous! Candlewick Studio hit a home run with this choice. I couldn’t stop touching it and I imagine neither would an inquisitive youngster. As a self-proclaimed naturalist coming from a long line of naturalists, I couldn’t wait to see how Alfred Russel Wallace’s contributions to evolution was presented. It is remarkable to read about all his journeys and what he endured for science.

You have to imagine a time, far in the past, when not much was known about this world. There were no satellites, no technology to explore this world with. The efforts and physical tolls taken on explorers was incredible as were the dangers. The need to know, pressed on those like Wallace and Darwin driving them forward in a determination to solve mysteries, in my opinion, unlike anyone else since.

This book is well-laid out and easy to read and understand with incredible illustrations to enforce the learning experience at a level of understanding to reach young children. I will be keeping this book but using it to mentor special needs adults in their Environmental Studies program. It is full of excellent information and they will benefit from and enjoy the stories between the extraordinary cover. I may try and get a few more to use as text books. I highly recommend it for sensory use since the cover is really amazing and you want to touch it all the time. I love the size, it’s easy to manage, and all school libraries would benefit from knowing more about this contributing explorer.

I gave it:

Five Golden Stars

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