CREATURE CAMPERS: THE SECRET OF SHADOW LAKE, EPIC! ORIGINALS, by Joe McGee, Illustrated by Bea Tormo, Andrews McMeel Publishing


Being the new kid at camp is never easy, especially for a bigfoot, a hyperactive jackalope, a fairy who can barely fly, and the only human boy! A series about the unlikely friendships forged at Camp Moonlight—“where being different isn’t unusual…it’s FUNusual!”

Norm is worried about fitting in at camp. Literally. He’s not just tall for a kid. He’s tall even for a bigfoot. Oliver, the only human at camp, has the opposite problem: he’s small enough that a strong wind might knock him over. With the help of their new friends, Hazel (a hyperactive jackalope) and Wisp (a boy fairy who has trouble flying), they’ll have to work together to earn their canoeing certification without disturbing the resident lake monster—or Barnaby Snoop, who will stop at nothing to capture Norm for his personal rare creature collection.

Out October 2019

96 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

These Epic! Originals are fantastic easy readers. This book is a riot to read. A camp for odd creatures and a villain wanting to capture them for his collection/carnival.  There’s illustrations to push the story along and great characters to smile at and love. You’ll love Wisp, Hazel, Norm and of course, Oliver.  My favorite is Norm–a bigfoot.

This is an ongoing series that is full of funny, bright illustrations. It’s great for chapter book readers, those who struggle with reading, special needs individuals, adults who want a chuckle and all those in between!

I gave this book:


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