THE PAWED PIPER, by Michelle Robinson, Illustrated by Chinlun Lee, Candlewick Press


Calling all kittens! A little girl longing for a pet of her own gets a bit more than she bargained for in this cat-filled celebration.

A small girl wants a cat of her very own: a furry fluffball to cuddle, just like the one in her book or her grandmother’s cat, Hector. So she lays a trail: balls of wool, saucers of milk, cardboard boxes, and anything else that could lure a feline friend. And who should arrive the next morning but somebody furry, warm, soft, and so very purry. It’s Hector, along with dozens of other cats. The girl is happy as can be, but when “LOST CAT” posters show up all over town, she realizes her plan might have worked a little too well. Will she have to give all the cats back? Will she ever get a cat of her own to love? Sweet and playful, Michelle Robinson’s tale of wish fulfillment will strike a chord with anyone who has ever yearned for a pet, while Chinlun Lee’s exuberantly illustrated felines will delight cat lovers of all ages.

Out July 2019

32 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Cats, lots and lots of cats! If you ever wanted a pet, or your child ever wanted a pet… then this book is for you. What a nice read filled with wishes, dreams, pets, and a little girl wanting a pet cat of her own. There’s a lesson about not being selfish and sharing, and being responsible even at a very young age.

I love the MC’s thoughtfulness, and her ingenuity! The artwork compliments the story and uses a watercolor pallette. It’s a beautiful book with a wonderful story. The sentences are short as are the paragraphs and the words are not hard but in a large font for easy reading. This is a great book for the more advanced picture book reader.

I gave it:



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