MY FIRST BOOK OF NEW YORK, by Ingela P. Arrhenius, Walker Books, Candlewick Press


See all the best-loved sites of New York City in this stylish big picture book by Ingela P. Arrhenius.

Visit the Statue of Liberty, climb the Empire State Building, catch a show on Broadway — there’s so much to do in New York City! Take a taxi to Times Square, check out the Apollo Theater, cross the Brooklyn Bridge, and stroll in Central Park in this big word book about the Big Apple. With colorful, graphic illustrations of everything from iconic landmarks to mah-jongg players in Chinatown, this is a beautifully designed gift for New York lovers of all ages — the first in a series about the great cities of the world.

Out September 2019

32 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

You ever want to go to New York? My mom went four times and each time was a different experience, or so she says. This book is like a tourist map for kids who want to go to New York.

Using one-dimensional illustrations, the author first takes us to Brooklyn and introduces some of the key tourist sites there such as: the Brooklyn Bridge that stretches between Manhattan and Brooklyn. It tells us that more people live in Brooklyn than any other place in New York. There are shops and an amusement park in Brooklyn.  Next, you see other things to spot while touring Brooklyn, like the Brooklyn Academy of Music. There are water taxis to get you about.

Next you learn about a great place to skate under a huge Christmas Tree during the Christmas season. There are other places to go where you can catch a great show, like at the Rockefeller Center. This area in New York is known for their cheesecake and the view from the top of the Rock Observation Deck. The Rockettes, a famous chorus line, is featured here, as well as the Museum of Modern Art. Make sure you visit the Radio City Music Hall before you leave.

Did the cheesecake make you hungry? Well head next to Chinatown. You can shop at the local market; visit nearby delis. Immigrants created many vibrant neighborhoods in New York, like Little Italy. From dim sun to cannoli, the food here is sure to please. Take a moment and have a game of mah-jonngg with one of the locals and before leaving make sure you see the Tenement Museum.

Did you know that this is where the Empire State Building is located? Take a helicopter ride and check it out while heading over to Madison Square Garden. Sports like hockey and basketball are a couple of the favorites. You’ll also see things like Peregrine falcons, the Flatiron Building, Koreatown and let’s not forget the coffee or bibimbap.

Greenwich Village is where to go to see artists and performers lining the streets to show off their talents. Did you know there’s a high line which was once an old train line above the city that’s now been converted into a walkway with grass and trees? Nearby Chelsea holds many delights like cafes, galleries and markets for you to explore.

Grand Central Terminal is next. This landmark has been seen in many television shows and movies. Thousands of people rush through to get on trains every day. If you don’t like the trains, then there’s always the subways. Nearby, you can visit the New York Public Library, Bryant Park, United Nations Headquarters and more.

Jazz music can be found in Harlem, and you can catch a show at the Apollo Theater. Want something quieter, then take a walk through El Museo del Barrio, take in the  local murals, or visit the Cloisters. There’s lots of yummy foods to experience too.

Museums and galleries are what many visit New York to see. There’s a lot of them like the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Blue Whale Model, The American Museum of Natural History, and, Solomon R, Guggenheim Museum.

You may think that’s all, but the book then takes you to Queens and of course, introduces you to the New York Mets Baseball team, horse racing and don’t forget tennis. Lots and lots of ethnic restaurants are hinted at so you and your parents can sample all types of food. Enjoy the parks like Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and don’t forget to stop off at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

You can’t talk about New York and not mention Central Park, Bow Bridge, the carousel,  model boat racing, Belvedere Castle and the famous Alice In Wonderland Statue. Let’s not forget the reputable zoo found in this area, Bethesda Fountain and the Strawberry Fields. Try a warm, yummy pretzel. MMMMMM

Shopping…. <sighs>  So much shopping and so little time…

Sight-seeing… can we say Statue of Liberty? How about Staten Island Ferry, Ellis Island, Governor’s Island and the National Museum of the American Indian. You’ve seen the Bronx Zoo on television, right? Well, how about seeing it in person? In the north of New York, you can along with the home of the world-famous Yankees baseball team. Don’t forget the New York Botanical Garden and make sure you try the hot dogs, and home made donuts while watching  a street dancer.

When you hit the heart of the city, you’ll be in the Financial District which means the New York Stock Exchange. Also there is the Woolworth building,  the charging  bull  statue, the Winter Garden Atrium and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Finally, you need to see Times Square and Broadway! Street performers will entertain, venders will sell, and the shows! Make sure you go to the Lincoln Center before leaving.

All this and more is offered in this oversized book! So when traveling to New York, you might want to take it with you so as not to miss anything. I loved it all and this is great for school libraries. A great book that offers interactive opportunities for parents with kids on vacation.

I gave it:




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