In this beautiful little book, researcher Hugh Newman explores the science and history of Earth Grids, from Ancient Chinese medicine to the invention of longitude and latitude straight through to our current electrical system.
Modern research into prehistoric architecture has found a pattern of building sites that suggests that our ancestors were aligning their sacred spaces according to geometric patterns and relationships with other important monuments. These ancients used Earth grids that allowed them to locate themselves in relationship to each other and to the planet—grids that are parallel to the ones we use today.
Earth Grids unravels the short history of grid research and takes another look at the distribution of sacred sites around the planet, revealing a remarkable network of surveying and megalithic engineering that supports the ancient idea of a geometric worldview, which can now be seen as a new model for Gaia.

Out October 2019

64 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

What a delightful book! For being so small, it sure contains a wealth of information. So many questions are raised and addressed, such as: Do ancient maps prove Earth was surveyed 12,000 year ago? Were the poles once in different positions from where they are today? Is there a secret pattern joining the great sites of antiquity? And, the big one that seems to scream from the pages: Could there have been a more advanced society living 12,000 years ago than what we believed?

Now, that is a good question?

Topics discussed in this book include: The Geomagnetic Field; Dymaxion Maps, The Platonic Solids; Vile Vortices; Russian Discoveries; Landscape Geometries; Locating the Center; Landscapes Zodiacs; Ancient Maps; Global Positioning; Earth Music; Geometry on Other Planets… and more.

Lots of diagrams, maps and grids to accompany the wealth of information you’ll find in this little book. It’s a great resource material and one I plan on keeping.

I love this little book. I gave it:


One thought on “EARTH GRIDS: THE SECRET PATTERNS OF GAIA’S SACRED SITES, by Hugh Newman, Wooden Books, Bloomsbury

  1. Newgrange Outer Stone, Two Swirls above, one below. Inner Stone, one above, two above. ‘As above,
    so Below’. ‘Below’ often seen as Crocodile, (lives below water), and rises above, in Egypt, above Bes
    Head. Ancient Electromagnetic Trick, – shown by Edward Leedskalnin, – end result – Bird.
    Sumerian Right-Angled Fishman, shows Right-Angle, principle upon which this Ancient Trick is based.
    Freemasons were not wrong. The Crooked Arm, (Shoulder and Wrist, = ‘Ring the Bell Twice’, other
    Arm, ‘Drop Below’), – also on Mesopotamian Stelae.


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