BETWEEN WORLDS: FOLKTALES OF BRITAIN AND IRELAND, by Kevin Crossley-Holland, Illustrated by Frances Castle, Candlewick Press


The definitive collection of British and Irish folktales from master storyteller and poet Kevin Crossley-Holland.

Rich and strange, these eerie and magical folktales from across Britain and Ireland have been passed down from generation to generation, and are gathered together in a definitive new collection from the master storyteller and winner of the Carnegie Medal, Kevin Crossley-Holland. Dark and funny, lyrical and earthy, these fifty stories are part of an important and enduring historical tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Described by Neil Gaiman as the “master”, Crossley-Holland’s unforgettable retellings will capture the imagination of readers young and old alike.

Out October 2018, Re-Issued October 2019

352 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a very well-researched, weird yet enjoyable book. Who doesn’t want to know about magic and wonder, adventures and legends, fairies and little people, a cow that ate a piper, ghosts, a sea woman and more? These are legends and folktales from Britain and Ireland. Wonderfully researched and now passed down to all of you to read and enjoy.

I love books like this and keep them in my library as resource materials for my writing. This book will join the others on my shelves. The stories are creatively joined by remarkable illustrations that help create an air of intrigue and mystery around the stories. Some are really creepy and others are just too funny not to love. Some are in verse and others written in prose.

I’ve heard of a few of the stories from my own research but it was still nice to read about them in this book. Some stories are very, very old. It was nice to see a miIf you love folktales and legends, then I highly recommend you read this book.

I gave it:


One thought on “BETWEEN WORLDS: FOLKTALES OF BRITAIN AND IRELAND, by Kevin Crossley-Holland, Illustrated by Frances Castle, Candlewick Press

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