LASER MOOSE AND RABBIT BOY: TIME TROUT, by Doug Savage, Andrews McMeel Publishing


Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy are back in a time-traveling adventure, perfect for getting past and future fans hooked on reading.

Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy return and just in time to save the day!
A time-traveling fish is causing trouble for Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy in the past, present, and future. When the well-meaning Trout inadvertently changes the forest’s history, Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy need to set things right, with a little help from a raccoon doctor and a newly three-legged Frank the Deer. Along the way, they confront old enemies, new enemies, future threats, and Laser Moose’s own mysterious past. Get ready for an action thrill ride of time-bending fun!

Out September 2019

144 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

What kind of book is it when the main characters are, er, fish? This is an interesting thought since over time we’ve seen many strange characters take flight and become international icons of film, television and books, like Bart Simpson, of The Simpsons; Sponge Bob, Stinky Cecil, etc.

I believe this book will appeal to readers who love characters such as these. I was a bit hesitant about reading this book but I found it mildly entertaining as an adult. I’m certain, it will appeal more to a much younger readership, or some crazier adults. The science factor attached to this book is very interesting and I can see it appealing to young readers.

This book is okay for me, but for myself, I’m more of a Stinky Cecil fan than one of a moose with laser eyes.

I gave it:


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