This year, Charlie Brown is determined to turn around his bad luck, lead his baseball team to victory, and fly his kite without interference from the dirty rotten kite-eating tree.

While Charlie Brown is all tied up, the rest of the gang doesn’t hold back on having fun. Pig-Pen unexpectedly charms Peppermint Patty at the Valentine’s dance, Marcie and Snoopy run a commercial airline, and Lucy tries her hardest to win Schroeder’s affection. Whether you’re safe on the ground or tangled up in a tree like Charlie Brown, you won’t want to miss the fun in this latest Peanuts for kids adventure.

Out October 2019

176 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

I’ve been reading the Peanuts for forever, it seems. Charlie Brown has been a staple for people of my generation and for all those that followed. Everyone should know who Charlie Brown is. For that matter, they should know: Pigpen, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Lucy, Sally, Schroeder, Linus, Woodstock, and let’s not forget Snoopy!

There’s all kinds of fun in all the pages and a pull-out poster inside too. At the back you’ll find a page on how to make a kite, an edible Woodstock nest, and some fun facts about the Peanuts…

The pages are in full color, and I am so happy I got this book to add to my collection.  For those who never read a Charlie Brown comic/book, this would be an excellent one to start with. You get to delve into some of the main characters woes and hilarious ways of solving problems, like Charlie Brown’s battle with the kite eating tree, and what happens to him when he plays baseball; or, with Lucy and Schroeder’s love at the piano fest; and then, there’s Peppermint Patty and Marcie (who calls P. Patty, sir) interactions that always makes me laugh, Lucy is still annoying and often confused, and Sally, is still sweet and innocent. We all knew a Pigpen in school, and that kid that always got into trouble with her teacher about homework, and baseball with friends… Totally relatable fun!

I gave this book:


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