THE LAST ASTRONAUT, by David Wellington, Orbit


Mission Commander Sally Jansen is Earth’s last astronaut–and last hope–in this gripping near-future thriller where a mission to make first contact becomes a terrifying struggle for survival in the depths of space.

Sally Jansen was NASA’s leading astronaut, until a mission to Mars ended in disaster. Haunted by her failure, she lives in quiet anonymity, convinced her days in space are over.

She’s wrong.

A large alien object has entered the solar system on a straight course toward Earth. It has made no attempt to communicate and is ignoring all incoming transmissions.

Out of time and out of options, NASA turns to Jansen. For all the dangers of the mission, it’s the shot at redemption she always longed for.

But as the object slowly begins to reveal its secrets, one thing becomes horribly clear: the future of humanity lies in Jansen’s hands.

Out July, 2019

400 pages approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Alienation meet Aliens and Battleship with a dash of Contact. Wowza! Those who know me, know that I’m a huge Sci Fi fan.  I’m also incredibly critical of bad science fiction. This isn’t one.

I love H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Burroughs and many, many more, but those three I grew up with. My dad was a huge nut about science fiction. He and I would sit and look to the stars and dream.

This book is a wonderful find and I plan on adding it to my library. David Wellington, where have you been all my life? Why have you slipped under my radar?

His style of writing brings you into the moment, mesmerizes you with fantastic descriptive narrative and fabulous settings; and his characters, are well-fleshed out and developed expertly. I loved, loved the flawed, faulty Protagonist who is portrayed as being very human, with all the perks and downfalls. I was her, while I read the book, and I loved every emotion, every concept, and every experience I endured being her.

The science is believable and the fear real. What if?

I loved this book and highly recommend it.

I gave it:


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