KILL POINT, A JESSE FORTUNE/THOMAS KELLY THRILLER, By Kerry Michael Chater & Lynn Gillespie Chater


An Olympic diver, a DEA agent, a European assassin, and a South American drug lord . . . what do they have in common? They are all on their way to a KILL POINT: the point at which one person will take the life of another.

Platform diver Jesse Fortune is on her way to Olympic gold in London when she’s ensnared in a dangerous web of intrigue. Hunted by a European assassin, and accused of being a mule for a South American drug lord, her dream of gold disappears and her nightmare begins. Even with the help of DEA Agent Thomas Kelly, can she stay alive long enough to prove her innocence?

374 Pages

Out 2013


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This self-published thriller will take you for quite the ride! Blunt, bold and forthright, that’s how I’d describe the writing. A dynamite cast of characters, some you’ll love, some you’ll hate and some you’ll love to hate, all will take you into the dark depths of depravity, and shine light on the strongest human traits least celebrated until fate insists.

The main character  pushes the story forward with action and continuous opposition and roadblocks that she must overcome. As she strives to reach her goals, she embarks on defeating foes and situations creating enough exasperating conflict and tension to make your head reel. There will be times, you’ll wish her nightmare to end, even often wondering why she hasn’t.

All characters, even those short-lived, are strangely layered, their importance to the  story not entirely clear until you dissect the twisted parts of humanity, those we seldom wish to acknowledge but are clearly inserted throughout this nerve-racking ride.  I loved all their warts!

While inserting our summations regarding the authors’ talent and ingenuity in creating a fascinating and complex cast of characters, this reader must place equal acknowledgement on their success in creating a fast-paced plot, and a gruelling story-line. If that weren’t enough, they included settings and action that pulls you along in a uncanny fashion similar to the ups and downs and twisting tracks of a roller coaster. All will make it impossible for you to stop reading because you just need to know how it all ends.

Brilliant and exhausting!

I gave this book:


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