PORT 717, by Raymond D’Silva, Self-Published


2058. Some of the most intelligent across the globe are disappearing without a trace. Leaving behind painful memories in a society where pain and hurt are obsolete.

A common thread links them all.

They are Primo Gamers participating in the largest blended reality offering by the Si1N Corporation.

Jane Forsyth and Terry Ong, elite officers of the PeaceKeepers, must team with Jack Talbot before another is lost.

284 Pages

Out March 17, 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I’ve sat on this book having read it twice and wanting to read it through again before giving my honest review. Here you have a self-published book where gamer nerds meet insidious corporation.  Although the premise was ingenious, the delivery just fell short for me. This book needs another edit.

I stumbled over the introduction ignoring several wording glitches, editing mistakes, but as the book progressed, I just couldn’t finish it. I think the story has a brilliant future if the book can be re-edited properly then proofread for typos and grammar mistakes; ie: advice instead of advise, was/were issues, paragraph structuring and others.

After which, I believe this book would have greater potential on the  publication market.

I will not rate this book at this time but look forward to seeing what the author’s finished work looks like in  the near future. Kudos for effort!

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