BAD ORDER, by B.B. Ullman, Sterling Children’s Book


A middle grade story about a sister and her special little brother fighting to save the world from an interdimensional catastrophe.

Mary Day’s life has always been different, because her little brother, Albie, is different. He doesn’t speak, but he can communicate with Mary via mental telepathy, sending her—and her alone—“mind memos.” To Albie, Mary is Pearl, the person he holds most precious. Then, one snowy day, Albie transmits an alarming two-word message: Bad order. Soon after, Mary and her best friend, Brit, discover a mysterious red mist in the woods that seems to draw them in . . . and turn all their feelings negative. A visit from three extraterrestrials (hilariously trying to pass as human) reveals the truth: there’s a disastrous leak in the dimensional universe—and if Albie can’t repair it, angry, evil thoughts will overtake the entire population. Can Mary, Brit, Brit’s brother Lars, and Albie save the world? And will Mary finally realize that she, like Albie, has something special inside herself?

Out June 2019

224 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Sci fi meets the Goonies. Normal surrounded by science and telepathy and every day growing pains. This is a terrific book and I found myself unable to put it down. I read it in two hours. Middle-grade level, but higher end chapter book readers could read and enjoy this story too.

Full of relationship issues, fitting in, being strong while enjoying the adventure. A very feet on the ground feeling throughout. Lots of actions, some mystery and great characters. You can’t go wrong with this fantastic book! Loved everything about it. The plot moved forward at an excellent pace, the size of the book is perfect and everything written is necessary and has a purpose. Well fleshed out characters, wonderfully flawed and very realistic and relatable.

I gave it:


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