Gone—without a trace.

No one loves a mystery more than Elizabeth MacLeod, author of the award-winning Bones Never Lie and Royal Murder. In her newest book, she presents six compelling stories about some of the world’s most bewildering disappearances.

Readers will be captivated by such true tales as the Alcatraz prison break, where three dangerous convicts engineered a daring escape. Did they live to see freedom, or did they perish in the icy waters surrounding the prison? And will anyone ever know what happened to the captain and crew of the SS Mary Celeste? In 1872, it set out from New York for Genoa, Italy, but everyone on board disappeared for no apparent reason.

This irresistible combination of suspense and history also serves as an introduction to the advances in technology that may help discover what really happened in each unsolved mystery.

Filled with color photographs, sidebars, and maps, Vanished is the perfect book for kids who love mind-boggling mysteries.

approx. 188 pages

Out March 15, 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

By far the best story, in my opinion, is the one involving the SS Mary Celeste.

This book has amazing stories that will grip your attention cover to cover.  Mysteries included are:

Lost Colony: The Settlers Who Disappeared

  • This story covers the disappearance of the settlers of Roanoke Island. It takes you on a ride through history with backstory and possibilities/coincidences.

Franklin Expedition: Hidden in Ice and Snow

  • This story covers Sir John Franklin’s expedition aboard the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror with the hopes to be the first ships to sail the complete length of the Northwest Passage. They hoped by sailing through the Artic Ocean and over the top of Canada that would connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and thus save month traveling to Asia. Then the expedition disappeared.

Mary Celeste: Legendary Ghost Ship

  • This is my favorite simply because what little is known. This author does an amazing job at research bringing to light new information and perspectives as to what happened to the missing crew.

Amber Room: Russia’s Missing Treasure

  • I recently saw a show on television Expeditions Unknown, hosted by Josh Gates about the Amber Room.  Until then, I had never heard of it.  I found the show fascinating and the story in the book even moreso.  The author goes into greater depths and gives possible answers to long asked questions.

Alcatraz Prison Breakout: Covicts’ Vanishing Act

  • This story has been talked and written about a lot. Movies have been made and television shows broadcasted pertaining to possible theories as to what happened to the prisoners.  The author delves into the inmates and their histories and follows possible leads.

Theft at the Gardner Museum: Famous Art Gone Forever?

  • The author covers details of the crime, reflecting on what the crooks took. She provides backstory, police investigation information and possible leads. She did a great job at researching this crime.

I loved all of the stories. This is a great introduction into historical events full of suspence and mystery.  Kids will love this book. The author went into each story in great detail, providing some information that I haven’t heard before. Lots of backstories, some similar situations are described and compared to the missing. There’s lots of photos and illustrations. I love this book.

I gave this book:



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