This illuminating biography reveals how the daughter of Lord Byron, Britain’s most infamous Romantic poet, became the world’s first computer programmer.

Even by 1800s standards, Ada Byron Lovelace had an unusual upbringing. Her strict mother worked hard at cultivating her own role as the long-suffering ex-wife of bad-boy poet Lord Byron while raising Ada in isolation. Tutored by the brightest minds, Ada developed a hunger for mental puzzles, mathematical conundrums, and scientific discovery that kept pace with the breathtaking advances of the industrial and social revolutions taking place in Europe. At seventeen, Ada met eccentric inventor Charles Babbage, a kindred spirit. Their ensuing collaborations resulted in ideas and concepts that presaged computer programming by almost two hundred years, and Ada Lovelace is now recognized as a pioneer and prophet of the information age. Award-winning author Emily Arnold McCully opens the window on a peculiar and singular intellect, shaped — and hampered — by history, social norms, and family dysfunction. The result is a portrait that is at once remarkable and fascinating, tragic and triumphant.

approx. 176 pages

Out March 12, 2019

Cover: Love it!


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

<does excited happy dance> I GOT ANOTHER BOOKMARK!!!! OMG, IT’S A RULER TOOOOO!

Can I get anymore excited??? 🙂 Thank you so much!

Now, back to this book.  I recently had the opportunity to read and review and adult book, not written by this author, but on the same subject, Ada Byron Lovelace. You can read it Here

That book was good, don’t get me wrong, it was very good, however, this book aims at a younger crowd, to be precise, middle-grade readers, ages 10 to 14.

So I was very excited to get it to see how this author handled rather scandalous and sensitive information regarding Ava’s family in an age-appropriate manner.  She did a great job.  This book is a very well-written historical non fiction that celebrates an intelligent and insightful woman who was way before her time in mathematics and sciences. A remarkable accomplishment having come from such a dysfunctional family.

The writing is precise and tight and covers everything from Ava’s family dynamics, relationship breakdowns, Ava’s birth and childhood. It covers her growth and education. Along the way are photos and drawings to compliment the story and help with its conception.

Even though for kids, I would recommend it to any adult wanting a quick biography about a brilliant woman.

I gave this book:


<Goes and stares at her bookmark….>

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