LUCY SPEAK OUT! A PEANUTS COLLECTION, by Schulz, Andrews McMeel Publishing


Move over, Charlie Brown! Lucy takes the spotlight in this latest collection of Peanuts comics for kids.

In this delightful collection of classic Peanuts comics for younger readers, Lucy rallies her friends to speak out for equal rights for women. Between social causes and dropping fly balls in the outfield, Lucy decides to write a biography of Beethoven, much to Schroeder’s dismay. Meanwhile, life in the Peanuts gang is as hilarious as always:

Woodstock takes up farming, Peppermint Patty struggles to make the grade, and Charlie Brown’s rotten luck lands him in the hospital. You won’t want to miss this latest edition of outstanding Peanuts fun.


approx. 176 pages

Out March 12, 2019Image result for peanuts gif


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I discovered two things when I read this book. One: Lucy’s full name. I have no idea how I missed it or if I just forgot it (sign of age) all these years, but now I know Lucy’s full name: Lucy van Pelt.   Two: Lucy is maybe the first feminist that I knew, going back into an age where feminism wasn’t as strong as it is today.  So in effect, she was a pioneer.

I realized two things as well. One: I just love Lucy and her strength of character and always have. Two: without Lucy, something would be lacking in Peanuts books.

This is a great book, lots of fun and did it bring back memories, like how Lucy is STILL infatuated with Schroder who does not return the admiration. However I did notice that they are both aware of this and refuse to give into the truth.  Charlie Brown is still… well, Charlie Brown–hopeful and hopeless. He can always rely on Lucy calling attention to his fears. Sally is still honest and adorable; and then, there’s crazy lovable Snoopy.  My favorite is when he thinks or pretends he’s a python or jungle animal in a tree or vulture on a snowman. I love his face.


The artwork is still the same and done so well as always.  Peanuts will continue to please and entertain right into the next generation. They are like all of us, realistic, complicated and fun. Bonus, there’s a poster at the back for collecting!

I gave this book:



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