DIANA DANCES, by Luciano Lozano, Annick Press


A picture book star is born! Diana is struggling in school. She’s bored. She can’t concentrate. And she really doesn’t like math. Diana visits the doctor after her mother receives a call from a concerned school teacher, but the family doctor finds nothing amiss. It’s only when Diana hears the soft musical notes filling the psychologist’s office that her body begins swaying rhythmically and the correct diagnosis can be made: Diana is a dancer! This wonderfully illustrated picture book debut showcases Luciano Lozano’s modern yet timeless style, making for a story that readers will want to return to again and again. Elements of diversity woven throughout the story send subtle yet powerful messages of inclusivity and body positivity to young readers. While Diana Dances is sure to resonate with budding dancers, its wonderful tribute to the need for self-expression, the power of movement, and the importance of self-esteem is universal. Diana’s joy at finding her creative outlet is infectious, making Lozano’s fearless heroine a sure-to-be favorite with children. The verdict is in: Diana is delightful!

approx. 40 pages

out March 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I absolutely loved this book.  As a child, I was always dancing around the house until my mother finally put me in dance and started a career that would last over forty years of my life in the world of dance, first as performer, then as teacher and choreographer and then finally, as studio owner.

This book reflects an understanding of passion for something, be it dancing or writing or reading… for example, that shouldn’t be overlooked by parents. You never know what may come from something a child enjoys..  Little Diana is adorable but she’s not happy until she is dancing.  When dancing, everything else in her world falls into place.

The author’s approach to finding the source of Diana’s “problem” is unique. I love the illustrations the most. Together the book is a huge enjoyment and even my daughter loved it.

I would recommend it to anyone who has a child who can’t keep still. 🙂

I gave it:


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