WHERE’S THE LLAMA? AN AROUND-THE-WORLD ADVENTURE, by Michael O’Mara, Andrews McMeel Publishing


Get ready for a whole llotta llama drama!

Word has reached the Andes that everyone’s going bananas over llamas!  Intrigued, an intrepid herd have decided to “alpaca” their bags and set off on the ultimate round-the-world adventure to meet their fans.

Out September 2018

48 pages approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I love the books “Where’s Waldo?” I’ve never heard of one about llamas.  So curiosity forced me to request this book to review and I’m not disappointed.

I even must admit, that I find it harder to find these furry suckers!  If you are looking for a relaxing fun way to distract your mind from daily worries, this one if for you.

I haven’t found them all yet… have you seen any large furry looking horses around?

I gave this:


five star rating

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