THOMAS’ SNOWSUIT, by Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko, Annick Press


Thomas refuses to wear his new snowsuit despite the pleas of his mother, his teacher, and even his principal.

Out June 1, 1995

24 pages approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is the only Robert Munsch book that I’ve heard on a CD but have never had the privilege of reading the physical book.  My daughter, who loves Munsch completely and totally has all his books but this one and most are also on CD.  I’m not sure about Munsch’s more recent books.

Anyway, this book once again lives up the great expectations I have for his work.  Martchenko did a brilliant job with the cover design which reflects the conflict immediately. You can see this in the faces of the mom and Thomas.

A battle ensued recently in Thomas’ house and it had to do with Thomas, his mother and their house.  From the looks of it, mom won… for now.

When Thomas goes to school, the battle for wearing his snowsuit continues.  The story is hilarious! Thomas is a pill.  Everybody is wearing someone else’s clothes.  All because he refuses to wear his snowsuit. Everyone is left befuddled and exhausted… but not Thomas.  After completely mixing everyone up, he finally goes home… in his snowsuit.

This story is even better with the illustrations to look at.  I just loved it!

And yes, my daughter snuck in while I was typing and swiped this book from my desk too. If I had to pick an author to recommend to parents, it would be Munsch.

I gave this book:


five star rating

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