BEAR MOVES, by Ben Bailey Smith and Sav Akyuz, Candlewick Entertainment



In a high-energy sequel to I Am Bear, the dance-loving star rolls out a variety of dance moves and inspires kids to try some of their own.

Get up, get down,
hit the ground . . .

Bear’s in a dancing mood, and his friend Bunny is happy to help out with the boom box. With moves like Furry Breaking, Running Bear (you run but don’t go anywhere), and the classic back spin, who could blame observers who might want to bust a move of their own? Actor/rapper Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown) and artist Sav Akyuz team up again for a lively two-step with the multitalented Bear.

Out October 2018

40 pages approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This picture book is adorable! The big, bold beautifully colored artwork adds perfection to a sweet and fun story. By the time you’re done reading the story, you’ll be hooked on Bear in all his glory… sorry… just couldn’t resist.

The book is 10 x 10 and sits perfectly in the lap of a young reader.  The artwork is charming and fun, brightly colored to hold the reader’s attention.  Bear is adorable and reminds me of “Bear in the Big Blue House” only this bear is purple.  He wears ridiculous clothes and renames break dancing and hip hop names to fit his antics.  How can you not love that! So much to love about this book and Bear and his friends.

My daughter just adores this book and snatched it up once I was done with it.

I gave this book:


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