PHOEBE AND HER UNICORN IN: UNICORN THEATER, by Dana Simpson, Andrews McMeel Universal


New York Times Bestselling Author!

The second Phoebe and Her Unicorn graphic novel!

Summer is here, and Phoebe and Marigold are headed to drama camp. Phoebe’s expecting some quality time with her best friend, but in a surprise twist, Marigold has invited her sister, Florence Unfortunate Nostrils! While the unicorn sisters head to camp in a magical rainbow pod, Phoebe is stuck riding with her parents in their boring car, wondering where it all went wrong. But at Camp Thespis, there are more daunting tasks at hand: writing, producing, and acting in an entirely original play!

The second Phoebe and Her Unicorn graphic novel is a sparkling tale of sisterhood and summer fun, as well as a reminder that sometimes it takes a bit of drama to recognize true friendship.

Out October 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

The one thing about Phoebe books that I’ve noticed is the clear, colourful and simple artwork that add tremendously to the story.

These award-winning books are entertaining, fun and often quite  funny. The author, Dana Simpson, began a website showcasing her work and then went on to become an award-winning author.  She is extremely talented and I love her work, her creativity and sense of humor.

This book leaves a subtle message of sisterhood, friendship, and how to be less selfish and more considerate.

Well done!

I gave the book:


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