IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY: MOVING FORWARD ONE DAY AT A TIME, by Sheila Walsh, Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group


We’ve all experienced that moment where we wish we could start all over again. Failed marriages, lost friends, addictions, lost jobs. This is not the life we imagined. Yesterday can sometimes leave us stuck, sad, shamed, scared, and searching. Sheila Walsh encourages readers to face the pain head on and then start again, from right where they are. She shares that when she discovered “I’m not good enough and I’m good with that,” everything started to change.

In It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, Walsh helps women overcome the same old rut of struggles and pain by changing the way they think about God, themselves, and their everyday lives. She shares practical, doable, daily strategies that will help women move forward one step at a time knowing God will never let them down.

Out October 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

It’s a common fact that women are the empathic sex of the species and that they are often emotionally driven. Women suffer from the never ending mental war of worry. Just because something is over doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s over for a woman.

In our heads, we examine, re-examine and evaluate, weigh odds and speculate almost to a paranoid proportion what we ‘feel’ is the issue.

Sheila Walsh’s book is excellent with stories from the bible backing up her thoughts. She’s written a book directed at women of all ages explaining it’s okay to fail and not end up as society feels we must. If a person is broken, suffering internally from a traumatic event in their lives, Walsh teaches us not to judge oneself so harshly or others who are going through something not everyone will understand.

I love Walsh’s honest style of writing and that she’s not afraid to cover topics that many wouldn’t dare.  She’s straight forward and doesn’t shoot from the hip, so to speak.  She discusses how to let go of pain or shame, how to start over again and how it’s okay to fail just as long as you get back up and try again.

The book covers the following topics:

Take the First Step
Admit That You Are Stuck and Struggling
Change the Way You Think
Face the What-Ifs Even If You Are Afraid
Let Go of What You Can’t Control
Rise Above Disappointment
Celebrate Your Scars as Tattoos of Triumph
Decide to Start Again… and Again.

I think because we are such a socially driven species, we have this deep inner concern with what people think of failure, how a person will be judge because of it and the cruelty people are capable of.

Judgement of others can come from their belief that a person fails because they are losers in all aspects of their lives, and not worthy of being part of their inner circle. The fear of being ostracized sometimes is too much for a person to face. Walsh squelches such thought and beliefs and gives examples of encouragement and discusses compassion as a way of combating negativity.

Although many struggle with change, sometimes this can be a good thing. Starting fresh is difficult, even for the strongest of character, but it’s not impossible. There are quotes of encouragement throughout the book which I thought were perfect.  It’s nice to know we’re not alone.

I loved this book and everything Walsh offers.

I gave it:


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