Rose Marshall died in 1952 in Buckley Township, Michigan, run off the road by a man named Bobby Cross—a man who had sold his soul to live forever, and intended to use her death to pay the price of his immortality. Trouble was, he didn’t ask Rose what she thought of the idea.

It’s been more than sixty years since that night, and she’s still sixteen, and she’s still running.

They have names for her all over the country: the Girl in the Diner. The Phantom Prom Date. The Girl in the Green Silk Gown. Mostly she just goes by “Rose,” a hitchhiking ghost girl with her thumb out and her eyes fixed on the horizon, trying to outrace a man who never sleeps, never stops, and never gives up on the idea of claiming what’s his. She’s the angel of the overpass, she’s the darling of the truck stops, and she’s going to figure out a way to win her freedom. After all, it’s not like it can kill her.

You can’t kill what’s already dead.

Out May 2014


“Hi! I’m Seanan McGuire, author of the Toby Daye series (Rosemary and Rue, A Local Habitation, An Artificial Night, Late Eclipses), as well as a lot of other things. I’m also Mira Grant (, author of Feed and Deadline.

Born and raised in Northern California, I fear weather and am remarkably laid-back about rattlesnakes. I watch too many horror movies, read too many comic books, and share my house with two monsters in feline form, Lilly and Alice (Siamese and Maine Coon).

I do not check this inbox. Please don’t send me messages through Goodreads; they won’t be answered. I don’t want to have to delete this account.”


I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review.

I didn’t like the cover until I looked at the girl’s legs and saw how transparent they were. Nice hook!  I changed my mind immediately and loved it! I hesitated with the first-person narrative… but as soon as I got into the author’s writing style and voice… I was sold.

Taking a well-known ghost story and creating a fictional world around it. Wow!  I’m a sucker for supernatural/paranormal fiction and this book…THIS BOOK… is a perfect example of how to write one.

Heart-wrenching, heart-breaking at times, the author took me through all the emotional phases including those two.  Her voice and style is perfect for this genre. You love the MC, hate the villain… freak out about all the rest. She gives a whole new perspective on dying, the dead and the afterlife.

This author is new to me… ya, ya, where have I been hiding, under a rock?

Now, I will look for future works of hers as I anticipate many more delights to come!

I gave this book:


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