AN UNSUITABLE MATCH, Joanna Trollope, Publishers Group Canada, Pan Macmillan


Rose Woodrowe is getting married to Tyler Masson—a wonderful, sensitive man who is head-over-heels in love with her. The only problem? This isn’t the first time for either of them. And when you marry later in life there are a lot more people to consider. Like Rose’s daughter, Laura, who remembers her mom’s first marriage and doesn’t want her to get hurt again. Or the twins, Emmy and Nat, who are used to their mom being there for them whenever and for whatever they need. And then there’s Tyler’s children: Mallory, a young actress who craves her father’s attention; and Seth, whose San Francisco bakery is just taking off and needs all the money he can get. Rose and Tyler are determined to get it right this time, but in trying to make everyone happy, can they ever be happy themselves?


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Okay, this reads like my mom’s life lol.  She was married to my dad for over 30 years when he passed from cancer. Then, she met another man who had seven, yup seven adult children.  I learned after they’d been married for twenty years, that the daughters, all grown with lives and kids of their own, ruined his second marriage with their conniving and cruelty. (note: first wife also died from cancer). So instead of being happy for dad in finding a great lady like my mom, they had set out to make her life hell so that she’d cave and leave their dad too, and then, he’d be all theirs (sick I know).

Well, they don’t know my mom so well after all. lol It didn’t happen and whew, thankfully, mom is now having a peaceful life in her 80s as she should. I really hate that adult children act like spoiled babies when they can’t get their way.  I was happy for them.  My mom had gone through so much while dad was sick and when she was alone afterwards, I was just happy she found someone who loved her for her.

This book reads just like someone had sat down and interviewed us.  lol

You absolutely hate the beggars… hate how they interfere with their mom’s life and decisions by messing with her head and laying on the guilt trip extra thick.

I must admit Joanna Trollope has a way of writing about people, family dynamics and family drama so with such a clear and precise voice.  I was impressed.  There’s so many things going on with these overgrown brats that you wanted to reach into the pages and throttle them.  I think it’s wonderful that a couple in their sixties can find love again.  No one wants to go through life alone.  Shame selfish, inconsiderate brats don’t share this idea… wait until they’re in their sixties lol

So let’s take a closer look.  All the characters are developed carefully and realistically. Their arcs move slowly as the book progresses and not entirely in a positive light.  They are hard to like, not just because of the similarities I see lol, but because they are just down right worthy of a kick in the pants.  In the end, Joanna developed some really strong and viable characters, that through emotional reactions, caused the reader to become invested in the story, even if it was just to see what else they could do to upset the apple cart. 😉

There’s so many issues surrounding family, relationships, trust, respect, stepchildren, elder living/finance/love… many, many more.

I can see this book making people angry. I just kept shaking my head and thinking, “been there, seen that, done that, just “kick em to the curb.” lol

I loved it!

It amazes me how much adult children seem to think they are entitled to an inheritance and that their parent’s life ends when they are born and that everything, E V E R Y T H I N G! revolves around them.  ESSSSSH!  These adults need to get their own lives.

The setting is useful to the story, written as a tool to driving the plot forward in a steady pace that doesn’t stall or jump around.  The plot itself is also filled with twists and turns to keep you invested in the story.

I enjoyed the book and think it’s one of her better ones.  Highly recommend that you pick it up and give it a read!

I gave this book:





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