The Perfects rule Ridgeview High, and nerdy Rachel Lord is obsessed with everything about them–their perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect boyfriends, perfect lives…

But after Rachel gets into an accident while searching for a missing friend, she wakes up in the body of Dani Maguire, her former best friend who dumped her for the Perfects long ago. As Rachel struggles to live her life as Dani, she finds out the life of a Perfect isn’t so perfect after all. And as she learns the long-buried secrets responsible for her out-of-body experience, Rachel discovers she is more powerful than she could have ever imagined…and that power beats perfection every time.


e-book format

It was reminiscent of “Freaky Friday.” Ugh!

I love “Freaky Friday.” This book was enjoyable, but it’s no “Freaky Friday.” The characters were interesting enough to keep me engaged in what was happening around them. The pace was drawn out in some places, causing me to put the book down until another time.

I liked the premise; it’s what drew me in. The MC is good in the beginning, well developed and carried the story forward nicely. Then she seemed to stagnate. For a bit, I was bored with her, and put the book down. When I picked it up at a later date, I read to the end non-stop and enjoyed all of it.

I think this book could be edited down a bit. It was wordy in places and filled with information dumps that didn’t seem necessary to the story. I liked it, but didn’t think it was so freakin’ great! No pun intended…


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