ARC Review, The Mystical Perspective, Kaylie Steele Paranormal Investigations, by Tonei Nyx, Clakaton Press


Battling demon spawn, stopping family curses, and consulting with wise gods?

Just another day at the office for paranormal detective Kaylie Steele.

No stranger to chaotic and dangerous situations, Kaylie uses her talents to protect the innocent, worldly and otherworldly. But are these phenomena a symptom of something more connected and sinister?


Not too thrilled with the cover design. I thought it could have a bit more of a paranormal feel to it.

An interesting premise full of many plot twists and surprises. This author shows a lot of potential in becoming the next Lisa Jackson or Heather Graham if she keeps up the great work! Ease of reading was good, transitions weren’t choppy and pace was steady, but dull in some places.

The only thing I didn’t like was how some characters needed a bit more development to be realistic, in my opinion, but I did enjoy reading this e-book.

Personally, I like having the physical book in my hands so that I can make notes right on it and tag excerpts and issues, but overall, I’d give this book a



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