Kevin And The Seven Lions, by Marten Tiller, Illustrated by Carla Tracey


Nearly eaten by dinosaurs, shot at by aliens, almost drowned by a giant squid, all while trying to pay attention in school is a normal day for Kevin. How does his teacher, Mrs. Calvin, keep from going crazy?

A picture book leveled for second and third grade readers about the joy and benefit of an active imagination and creative writing.


47 Pages of fun! fun! fun! I am so picky about books for children. They absolutely MUST be entertaining and engaging. This book is both!

This book could have been titled, J.L. and the Seven Lions! I was exactly like little Kevin and I know other readers will relate to this lad. Wonderful concept, filled with adventures and risks, just the right things a child Kevin’s age will relate to.

Some issues with the writing but by no means does it destroy the concept produced here. With a bit of editing, this book will be fantastic for the traditional market, or the indie market. I can see kids scooping this book up simply because of the premise. Well done! Illustrations are beautifully done, very entertaining!

As a fellow daydreaming, probably the queen of daydreamers everywhere, I cheer for Kevin and the Seven Lions! The success of this book is merely a daydream away!

I give this lovely book:


Although cleaned up, very worthy of 5 stars!

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