OUT OF DARKNESS, by Heather Graham, Harlequin, Division of HarperCollins


Even after a decade, Sarah Hampton is haunted by the night that nearly ended in a bloody massacre and destroyed her high school romance with handsome Tyler Grant. Now the horror has returned. It’s a reckoning from the events of that terrifying night – and a love they never let go. Only this time, Tyler must protect Sarah from the killer hiding in the darkness… or lose her forever.


A scary rush of a thrilling ride, typical Heather Graham, spectacular writing expected from such a versatile, seasoned writer. A gripping question of why was he afraid to go inside the haunted house, leaves you wanting to know more, but not sure you should turn the page to find out what’s on the other side (oh… go on, you’ll love it!). Lots of hints of terrible things to come, mysteries that will need solving and spooky things to hold your breath for. The twists and turns in plot; excellent character arcs developing, and just that waiting moment, when they all go in… leaving you to wonder if they will all come out?

I absolutely love Heather Graham! Her books never fail to entertain and thrill! Prepare for the ride of your life!

~BookishFirst Glimpse~

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