The Christmas Box, by Richard Paul Evans, Book Review


ISBN 13: 0-684-81499-4

Bring a tissue box when you decide to read this one.

Richard Paul Evans self-published this book originally for his children.  Two years later, Simon and Schuster published it in its hardcover format where it became a best-seller.

I loved the characters in his story, especially Mary.  They were all described perfectly, right down to the little girl and felt very real and viable characters, and so wonderfully described Evans’ style. An easy story-teller, his voice carryied the plot forward smoothly to a wonderful end.  I remained a steadfast reader throughout the journey.

Bound in a lovely holiday book jacket of cream and wine colours, this book is not really that long, only 125 pages and would be a lovely Christmas read for a family during the holiday season.

Mary is a wonderful character filled with warm memories that she shares with the reader, a wisdom that she carries off well, and a beautiful personality that fills the pages.  She’ll remind you of someone very dear to your own heart as she has with me.

I can’t say enough about this story. It’s one of Evans’ best and I think this is attributed to the fact that he wrote it with his heart exposed to the world.  It’s one of those stories you read when you’re curled up with a blanket during a winter snowstorm close to the holidays to make you appreciate family and the holidays more. This story will never age.

For The Christmas Box, by Richard Paul Evans, I give:


And the Golden Apple Of Achievement award. Well done!


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