The Christmas List, by Richard Paul Evans, Book Review


ISBN 13: 978-1-4391-5000-9

Richard Paul Evens is such a fantastic story teller.

This particular book that I’ve read of his is a hardcover book with a book jacket. The presentation of this book is good enough to be given as a gift during the holidays.  It’s an easy read of 353 pages, in a smaller trim size than most of the pocket books that I read and review.  I can’t say enough about the foil green and red colours picked for the book jacket, a lovely design.

So this story of his is actually unusual and very entertaining. Roughly, it’s about a man, named James Kier (I find it interesting that Richard Evans wife’s name is actually Keri)who reads in the paper that he died, and everyone believes him dead, only it wasn’t him but someone with the same name, James Kier.  He’s ends up finding out what everyone really thinks of him and discovers a lot about himself and about the other James Kier. Where he is hated, the deceased James Kier was loved very much. I won’t say anymore out of fear of spoiling things, but it’s worth a read.

Evans’ character development is astounding, well formed and allows the reader to get into his head.  His voice is awesome transitioning from one plot twist and event to another smoothly leaving each chapter with the reader wanting to turn to the next to find out what’s going to happen next. Evans’ use of humor gives the feel of the book a warm and carefree depth for a good easy reading around the holidays or during any other time.

He’s written a magnitude of books in various genres and I encourage all readers to at least give him a try.

Check him out at:

I give The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans, a rating of:4_5_StarRating


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