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  • book excerpts, cover reveals, news, events, new projects

  • announcements, excerpts, writing in general, book articles

  • all about writing fiction

  • my author website for purchasing my supernatural thrillers
  • my blog: Screaming Fiction – about writing horror, thrillers, suspense and mystery

  • my author website under the pen name: J Spence for purchasing books in the children’s book division in this series, plus…
  • my blog: Lingering Words – about writing children’s books

  • anchor page, my choice of books to showcase. How and where to buy my books, links to other sites.

  • my author projects and publication profile
  • communities and collections I follow
  • my events scheduled

  • my author blog on the business of writing.
  • intended discussions: author platforms, submission processes, promoting your books, marketing, social media and their uses, self-publishing, agents, publishers, frequently used terms in the bizz, ghostwriting, partnership writing and more…

  • location of where to buy my children’s book for the series: The Adventures of Iggy Squiggles as they become available

  • latest covers, my skills, profile and business portfolio

  • used to publish my Nonsensical Story Books
  • I tweet four times a week about my writing progress, follow me!

  • my Facebook page for the Echoes’ Series

  • my Facebook page for the W.R.I.T.E. Affiliates

  • links, articles, sites, information I’ve gathered over the years for research and now is available to anyone else who is writing on the subject.








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