The present day discovery of a child’s remains in a peat bog south of Glasgow looks to finally solve the decades old mystery of ten year old Mary McInally’s disappearance. Karen Marshall had been devastated by her best pal’s abduction on the day of her confirmation. Questioned by the police but traumatized by the loss of her friend, nothing Karen remembered back then had helped. Now decades later, the news of the possible discovery of Mary’s body brings the nightmares back, but added to that are returning memories long buried by Karen. Memories that begin to reveal her role in her friend’s disappearance and perhaps the identity of the killer. Are these memories the truth or just a figment of an aging brain? Called in to excavate the body on the moor, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod uses the advances made in forensic science since Mary’s death, to unravel a horrific tale that encompasses more than just one child, and not only in the past. The Innocent Dead moves between the past and the present. Those who sought and hid the truth back then and those intent on discovering it now. But can this be done before the killer puts his next plan into operation?

Out November 2020

400 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I’ve been reading Lin Anderson books for some time now and it’s always been a hit and miss up to the last three books. Lately, they’ve been really, really good. This is a Scottish crime series that shouldn’t be missed if you like crime thrillers.

Anderson’s use of PTSD since the Sin Eater book has been well-researched and used expertly to flaw the main character, giving her a very relatable and realistic condition that some readers could connect to. Anderson’s research and writing abilities have made this series very engaging, thought-provoking and often puts readers on the edge of their seat with plot twists and turns and realistic characters/villains. A true rollercoaster ride of reading suspense and thrills.

There’s true past mysteries and missing pieces that have to be resolved and excellent build-up of tension elements all brought on by character realizations and unexpected twists. What grabbed my attention is finding a body in the peat bogs. I’ve always been fascinated by peat bog discoveries in books so when I requested this book, I knew I was going to enjoy this one too. Anderson didn’t fail me.

Dialogue and its use adds to the pleasure of the reading and development of characters who are flawed and fun. As each part of the mystery is resolved and/or revealed, you find yourself immersed in the reading until the very end with everything wrapping up neatly and expertly.

I gave this Anderson novel:

Five golden rating star vector illustration in white background.

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