RISE OF ZOMBERT, by Kara LaReau, Illustrated by Ryan Andrews, Candlewick Press

Could Bert really be a zombie cat? Two friends put their brains together to find out in a wry new mystery series.

While helping her best friend, Danny, film his latest horror flick, Mellie discovers a scraggly cat behind a dumpster outside the YummCo Foods factory. Mellie names the stray Bert and hides him in her room, knowing her parents won’t let her keep him. But soon Bert has decapitated all her stuffed animals, and before long he is leaving the headless corpses of birds and mice as gifts for her. Danny is convinced the cat is a zombie, living on the brains of his victims. But is that what is really going on? Award-winning author Kara LaReau lets loose a fresh and sharply funny new mystery series, with an irresistible touch of the macabre. Fans of creepy stories and animal lovers alike will devour this fast-moving first episode in one gulp. 

Out July 2020

144 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

What a fun read. It’s thin enough to read in one sitting and to appeal to those who struggle with reading. Although a chapter book, the topic matter would appeal to a more older group–middle grade. My ARC didn’t have finished illustrations, but there will be accompanying images to support the prose.

This cat is so cool. I love the use of different POVs, even the cat’s. I think this series will entertain and be delightful for ages eight to twelve. Perhaps if the books didn’t end so abruptly and had a bit more detailed resolution quality at the end of each book of the series, there would be more interested. Because this is a series, the author should include more plot issues that are actually resolved by the end of each book. This will make looking forward to the next in the series more probable.

All the characters are fun and would entertain child and adult reader alike.

I gave it:

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