A MIDWINTER PROMISE, by Lulu Taylor, Panmacmillan

One family across two generations.
A marriage marred by trauma and infidelity.
Lives marked by death, divorce and a shattered family.
A dark secret at the heart of a tragedy.

Now the Pengelly family reunites around the sickbed of David, a beloved husband and father, to confront the emotions and the secrets that have divided them over the years.

Set around the beautiful wildness of Tawray, a house near the Cornish coast, A Midwinter Promise by bestselling author Lulu Taylor, is a dramatic story of loss, grief and the legacy of secrets. It is also a tale of reconciliation and renewal.

Out January 2020

560 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Well, I know others aren’t going to like this review, but I’m here to give my honest review. So here goes…

Drama, dysfunctional, overwhelming sub-plots, stereotypical characters, crashing ending and just not something I found promising at all. I really hoped for a warmer story, but with the jumping between times, characters fighting, their issues, regrets, secrets, and basically overall chaos of the story-line, I ended up not liking this book at all and struggled to finish it.

I expected more from Lulu Taylor.

I gave this book:

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