WHAT’S THAT NOISE? by Naomi Howarth, Candlewick Press

A Strange Rumbling Noise… ??

When Magnus the seal is awakened by a rumbling sound, it may be closer than he thinks in a funny, kid-friendly story that winds up with facts about Arctic creatures.

Rumble, rumble, rumble. . . . What’s that noise?

Magnus the Arctic seal wakes up from a very deep sleep one morning, puzzled by a strange rumbling sound. What’s that noise? Could it be the creaking of the trees? The whistling of the wind? The cracking of the ice? The roaring of the sea? Hare, Owl, and Polar Bear don’t have any idea, but Walrus has a good suggestion: it could be Magnus’s rumbling tummy! After a yummy feast of plump, pink shrimp, the friends all settle down to sleep — but suddenly there’s another rumbling sound. What’s that noise? Readers curious about the creatures can learn more about them and their environment in an informative final spread. 

Out March 2020

32 Pages


I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review.

This book is full of information about arctic and sea life. The illustrations are charming and typical of Howarth’s style. I love the humor attached to the ending and found the wording age appropriate for very young readers, probably those who read with a parent. At the back of the book is a chalk-full amount of information about creatures found in the Arctic. I expected a different ending, one full of gas… but, I don’t think THAT is Howarth’s style. 🙂

I enjoyed this book full of big and bold illustrations and fun. I gave it:

Five star rating – shiny golden stars

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