FOLLOW ME, FLO! by Jarvis, Candlewick Press

Can Flo follow Daddy Duck on their outing, or will she get distracted? A lively read-aloud and visual treat from author-illustrator Jarvis.

When Flo and her daddy go to visit a relative’s new nest, Daddy Duck says Flo must follow him or she’ll get lost. Together, they sing a song with all the directions for the journey — up, down, in, and out. But Flo starts to make up her own words, and soon she gets so carried away that she wanders off. Oh, no — now a fox is following Flo! Where is Daddy Duck? What are the words to his song again? Jarvis’s cheerful illustrations and charming text will have young readers following and singing along with Flo.

Out March 2020

32 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Sweet lap picture book with bright, colorful illustrations that accompany the story beautifully. Great lesson about following instructions, doing what you’re told so you don’t get in trouble and being a good listener.

Love the humor and Flo is just a cutie. I can see readers learning some of the words and spending time with mom and dad with this book in tiny readers’ laps following along.

I loved every bit of it.

Gave it:

Five star rating – shiny golden stars

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