HAZEL AND TWIG: THE LOST EGG, by Brenna Burns Yu, Candlewick Press

Adorable mouse sisters Hazel and Twig find an egg and want to hatch it themselves — but is it really theirs for the taking?

Hazel and Twig are playing in the meadow one day when they discover an egg. “Let’s hatch it together!” suggests Hazel, and they sit on it to keep it warm. But an egg takes a very long time to hatch, so the sisters decide to bring the egg home with them. Hazel dreams of all the ways they will take care of their new pet after it hatches — building it a nest, teaching it to fly, and finding worms for it to eat. But is there a bird out there who will miss their egg? Brenna Burns Yu returns to the enchanting miniature world of Korean-American mouse siblings Hazel and Twig in a story about sisterhood, observation and discovery, and lost things coming home. Abloom with delicate natural details, this tale is perfect for any kid who has ever asked “Can I keep it?”

Out March 2020


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

The first thing that grabbed my attention with this picture book was the illustrations. The watercolor pallet is soft and sweet. The colors are perfect for the story. These two sisters are characters I would love to read about again.

Pastel colors, sweet renditions of nature, Korean influences, and a sweet tale of a lost egg found by the sister mice and their pondering over what to do with it is enchanting and adorable. I love the concepts that supports sisterly relations, doing what’s right and finding a way together to resolve their dilemma.

Four to six or seven year olds will enjoy learning about Hazel and Twig. The story is engaging and easy to follow. They will love the story and the artwork, turning pages to see what happens next.

I gave this charming book:

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