Hello World, I’m Back!

It’s been a real whirlwind of stress lately for all; that goes without saying, but for me, it’s been even more stressful getting ready to open a new business. Renovations are going well: gutting, tearing down, plumbing, electrical, structural-foundation repairs, planning, planning, and more planning. Promotional work begins in September 2021. Applications will go out around that time too and a major conference for sharing our business is scheduled in May 2022. I can only hope that we will be ready by then.

Right now, I’m consumed with creating business plans, financial statements, codes of conduct, program outlines, job descriptions,  teacher manuals, course outlines, application forms, forms, forms… all the stuff I can do  with my eyes shut (this isn’t my first rodeo).

I think it’s the juggling of work and life and being able to juggle creatively that keeps me frosty. Being an over-achiever, workaholic and perfectionist… not very good traits, I’ll admit, with experience/age, I’ve learned to set boundaries and use scheduling (I have soooo many schedulers/calendars and plotters) aids to keep me on track and balance out me-time and family time too. Covid19 has been rough, but all this self-isolation has given my family the drive they need to chip in and help out. Even my special needs daughter is happy to help mom with organizing and cleaning. It’s fun to see her watching me using power tools, amazed that mom can do these things (thanks dad! thanks husband!). I’ve had wonderful teachers.

My favorite part of building is demo time! Boo ya! Nothing gets the adrenalin flowing then smashing, tearing, banging and destroying the old, falling-down-stuff and getting the prep work finished, ready for the new. My head should be five times the size it is by now with all the information over-load it’s gaining regarding maintenance and construction. Having a design and drafting degree helps, but the things my husband knows after over 45 years experience working in the food industry in maintenance as a Millwright/Machinist, you can’t find in any book. We work well together.

One of my previous businesses, I created, was built from scratch too, and it grew for over 25 years very successfully, until I decided it was time to retire. At the time, my daughter was going through extensive facial surgery at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. It was dangerous, life-saving and very involved. My focus needed to be with her. Sure, I could have taken a leave, but I had no idea how long she would need me, so retirement was the only option as far as my heart/mind was concerned. It turned out to be the right decision. Her recovery took two years.

While she recovered and went through appointments and therapy, more surgeries… I developed my freelance writing/editing and publishing business. I could do a lot of work while sitting in waiting rooms, by her bed waiting for her to wake up, etc. I also did a lot of this work when I couldn’t sleep, which was often. She’s fine now, and my business has grown. I love it! Yet, there was something missing and that’s when this new idea came to me.

Lots of family things happened in the meantime, I need to write a book about all this some day. My health took a nose-dive, my husband’s–same…. We too recovered. We also made a huge decision to clean the slab with those who used, abused and created stress in our lives. It was a gut-wrenching decision, ones we had to make. This too turned out for the best. Our family is much smaller, just the four of us now, but soooooo much healthier and better for all concerned. Our true friends rallied around us and supported all our choices/decisions. Positivity has made the most difference. We are surrounded by it now. Those who hurt and created problems for us, are no longer in our lives.

So now, we build new dreams based on a pilot project I created once the clutter from my brain was removed. The idea has been developing for the past year. It is geared to grow for three years with the end resulting in this pilot project hopefully being picked up by the Government, or franchised out to other regions… who knows. Three years from opening is too far away. All I focus on is creating a much needed resource for special needs people, mostly young adults to adults. But there is so much potential for growth to other age avenues. I’m hoping this new endeavor will grow as the others have. My daughter will benefit from its fruition as will my husband and I. I’m excited to see just how much. There is a great degree of support out there for its success. However, if after three years, it doesn’t grow, then three years of fun and success will be worth it. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I continue to read and review, write and dream. My author projects will pick up again in the Fall; I have new projects outlined and waiting to go forward. I’m planning on revamping my websites for a fresher look too. I’ve not pursued book projects over the summer because of Covid19; and, with the onslaught of all the celebrity, political and news icons publishing their books, getting agents and publishers to look at fiction right now has been too difficult and frankly, pointless. After extensive research, I’ve found that because of the market’s hit from financial instability creating declines in certain profit margins surrounding fictional publications and its demands thereof by public readership, publishers have been focusing more on guaranteed sales and profits that accompany the publications with star potential. It’s a sad reality for small fiction publishers and an even sadder one for authors of fiction and non fiction genres who can’t compete with star notoriety. I do recommend, however, that new projects should be focused on right now. Write new ideas. Keep writing, building your author potential with multiple projects and therefore, making yourself more attractive to publishers, once the market changes again. There are changes coming in the Fall. I promise.

This is why my business plans are rocking forward and so far, doing so without a hitch, There will always be hitches, but we will persevere as should you. Change from what has been “normal” shouldn’t be so frightening for people, although, I do know some struggle with change. I can only offer encouragement to those who do.

In my years of living, I’ve come to learn that instead of struggling against my second nature that involves anxiety and depression, I’ve learned to embrace who I am and accept my faults/weaknesses as tools/inspirations for personal growth. I’ve learned that over-achievers such as myself, can slow down and enjoy the fruits of labors by being less critical and hard on oneself. Prioritizing is key. Positivity is important to remaining assured and less anxious. Surround yourself with it. Being busy is not the same as being a workaholic and family starts as biological but doesn’t depend on it. Being part of mine must be earned. Being part of a loving and caring family that supports and loves you for who you are and not for whom they can use and abuse whenever it suits them is far more important than anything else. Sharing my daughter with those who are kind, caring and non-judgmental and deserving of her kindness is essential to positive growth.  I cannot save the world but I can take better care of me and mine, and in turn, benefit others through my experiences and support.

There’s the making of a blog or channel in there somewhere. What do you think? Okay, so back to reviewing!

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