APPARITION, by Gail Gallant, Doubleday Canada, Random House Canada


The last time seventeen-year-old Amelia Mackenzie saw her best friend Matthew alive, he broke her heart. When he is found the next day in an abandoned barn at the edge of town, an apparent suicide, Amelia’s whole world comes crashing down.

And then she sees him again. Because Amelia has a secret that even Matthew didn’t know: sometimes, she sees ghosts.

When a local history columnist named Morris Dyson contacts Amelia after the funeral and tells her that he thinks the barn Matthew died in is haunted, and that Matthew wasn’t its first victim, an unlikely partnership is born. With Amelia’s gift for seeing ghosts, Morris’s radical theories on the supernatural, and a bit of help from Morris’s sexy but skeptical son, Kip, a mystery unfolds. One by one, the barn’s other ghostly residents are revealed: all innocent, love-struck young men who’ve died horrific deaths, seemingly by their own hands.

Life and death couldn’t get more complicated as Amelia is torn between her devotion to the ghostly Matthew and her growing attraction to Kip, who may not believe in ghosts but can’t help believing in Amelia. When she’s confronted with a rivalry between the living and the dead, which side of the great divide will Amelia choose?

Apparition is a fast-paced supernatural mystery about memory and obsession, bodies and spirits, love and loss.

September 2013

288 Pages Approx.


I picked up this book at a local thrift shop and will now give my honest review.

This book peaked my interest and so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. This book actually surprised me.

A teenage girl recently lost her mother. She discovers that she can see dead people, just like her mom. No, this isn’t a remaking of “Six Sense,” or, a newer version of the “Medium,” starring Patricia Arquette.

Amelia is gifted with the ability to see and talk to ghosts, one in particular ghost, Matthew, her friend/crush.  Because of Amelia’s abilities, she is able to stop a viscous cycle from repeating before it kills someone she really loves.

The only thing I didn’t like is how the romance all tied together at the end. It was too simple and expected. I could have lived without it. The mystery throughout history is fascinating and the Ontario/Canadian settings were great to read about.

Overall this was a great fast-paced book that should be read quickly.

I gave it:



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