THE HIPPO AT THE END OF THE HALL, by Helen Cooper, Candlewick Press


The invitation was delivered by bees. It wasn’t addressed to anyone at all, but Ben knew it was for him. It would lead him to an old, shambolic museum, full of strange and bewitching creatures. A peculiar world of hidden mysteries and curious family secrets . . . and some really dangerous magic.

Filled with her own wonderful illustrations, The Hippo at the End of the Hall is Helen Cooper’s debut novel.

Out June 2018

Reissued October 2019

400 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I wonder why this book didn’t do well back in 2018, or at least as well as I thought it should have. It’s a great little book about bees that deliver mail, about magic, strange museums, and a missing father. It’s spell-binding with fantastic illustrations done by the author that fill the pages. They’re really quite beautiful and whimsy. The cover of my ARC is fantastic.

From cover to cover, this book proves to be a middle-grade accomplishment with fantastical magic and a search into a family’s history. The characters are sweet and endearing and very clever. Lots of mystery and adventure to be had and plenty of wild magic to make it so.

The author’s voice is mesmerizing and distinctive; the pacing rich and fast. Lots to imagine, plenty of illustrations to see. Filled with hope and friendship; a perfect blend that includes a battle of wits.

I loved every nook and cranny of this book, and gave it:


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